Glorious yang vessel, TCM acupuncture system
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Glorious yang vessel is 2 cun above medial malleolus and collateral which is branch of kidney meridian between tendo calcaneus and tibia. If this collateral contracts disease, it will cause pain in chest. When serious it will fold backward, lalopathy and seeing object not clearly and can be treated by pricking on the collateral.

Many authors think position of glorious yang vessel pertains to kidney meridian; it is between tendo calcaneus and tibia which is 2 cun above medial malleolus and collateral which diverges from kidney meridian. Kidney meridian and yin heel vessel are distributed over tongue, so when it is lumbago, it will affect dyscinesia of tongue and then it will be aphonia. Yin heel vessel starts from kidney meridian and passes chest then ascends head and ends at eyes then combines with bladder meridian. So when lumbago, it drafts pain in muscle of thorax and can not see object clearly.

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