Main diseases of pneumonopathy based on TCM theory
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The first type is cough. Cough is disease of lung. Its etiological factor is related with other viscera and bowels function besides exogenous evil interacts. Such as deficiency of lung qi which causes cough with asthenia, short breath, if move about it is more serious, such as sputum tenuity , fatigue and laziness to speak, low voice, spontaneous perspiration anemophobia, pale tongue, thin and white tongue fur and vacuous pulse, it mostly  goes with deficiency of spleen qi. Spleen meridian is distributed over lung. Deficiency of spleen qi can not nourish lung and lung qi must be deficiency, so the sputum is tenuity. When lung yin is deficiency, it will cause dry cough without sputum, little and glutinous sputum, blood streak in phlegm, itch and sore throat, dry mouth and xeromycteria, hectic fever, night sweat, reddening of the cheeks, red tongue with little fluid, fine and rapid pulse. This symptom connects with kidney and spleen. Kidney meridian is distributed over lung. If it is yin asthenia of spleen and kidney, lung yin must be deficiency. If there is deficient fire in lung, it will be dry mouth and xeromycteria, dry cough of glutinous phlegm and little fluid. Deficiency of kidney yin leads deficiency of lung yin and causes waist and knee acid and tender, osteopyrexia and fever, night sweat, spermorrhea and spanomenorrhea besides symptoms of lung.

Wind and cold invasion of lung: nephrasthenia asthma and pyrexy, headache and body pain, nasal obstruction and nasal discharge, cough, excessive and tenuity phlegm, white tongue fur and floating or floating and tight pulse. This symptom pertains to lung disease.

Wind and heat invasion of lung: pyrexy and aversion to wind, coughing glutinous, thick and yellow phlegm, urgent breath, red swelling and pain of the throat, hydrodipsia desiring drink, red tongue with yellowish fur, floating and rapid pulse.

Evil heat taking advantage of lung: hyperpyrexia without decline, cough with accelerated breathing, glutinous, thick and yellow phlegm or phlegm with blood, Chest-back pain, polydipsia desiring drink, nose going out of heated air, dry excrement, red urine, rapid and slippery pulse. Wind heat and evil heat invade lung and are invaded by bladder meridian and stomach meridian at the same time then impact triple energizer meridian and spleen meridian. If defense qi of meridians and collaterals disorders, it will cause hyperpyrexia without decline, cough with accelerated breathing, thick, glutinous and yellow phlegm or phlegm with blood, polydipsia and nose going out of heated air. If regulating fluid passage is upset, it will cause dry stool and red urine. If liver is heat retention and invades lung along divergent collateral of liver meridian, it will cause paroxysmal cough, hemoptysis, dazzle and conjunctival congestion, irritable, bitter taste of mouth and dry lip, red tongue with yellowish fur, rapid and stringlike pulse. If heat is accumulated in lung long time, it will cause phlegm-heat obstructing in the lung, hyperpyrexia and hydrodipsia, cough and breath lessness, cough and spitting of purulent sputum, smell of fish with blood and oppression chest and hypochondrium. Lung meridian is distributed over heart. If lung heat damages heart, it will cause Coughing up blood. If heart and liver are damaged, it will spit blood.

The second type of pneumopathy is phlegm. Phlegm comes out from lung and is produced by spleen, so there is the saying of phlegm coming from spleen and the lung being the utensil for storing phlegm. Phlegmatic attacks lung, it appears cough and chest distress, excessive phlegm, accelerated breathing and wheeze, yang asthenia causing yin sthenia, saliva and tenuity phlegm. If fire is exuberance, sputum will be glutinous and thick. Yin and yang, exuberance and weak of five viscera appear on phlegm syndrome. If lung heat transfers to heart along meridian, there will be blood in sputum. There are diseases of sputum and they can be seen in diseases of viscera and bowels.

The third type of disease of lung is wheeze. Sthenia dyspnea is that evil qi obstructs lung and diffusion and downbearing of lung qi is distributed. It is caused by wind cold and turbid sputum and appears dyspnea with rapid respiration and chest distress along with cough, white, tenuity sputum with foam, nephrasthenia asthma and headache. This is symptom of wind cold. If it appears dyspnea and cough with excessive and glutinous sputum, coughing and spitting unfavorable, oppression and fullness in the chest and even drafts chest pain with nausea and vomiting, constipation. This is symptom of phlegm turbidity. Large intestine meridian and lung meridian are distributed over large intestine and heart; triple energizer meridian and pericardium meridian are distributed over lung; spleen meridian and stomach meridian are distributed over lung; kidney meridian and liver meridian are distributed over lung. Meridians and collaterals of lung connect with five viscera and three bowels directly. Lung qi perfuse the above viscera and bowels, if it can not perfuse viscera and bowels, evil qi will runs into lung then cause wheeze.

If viscera and bowels of meridians and collaterals are pathogenic and meridians and collaterals are obstructed, lung qi will also lose pathway of perfusion and cause gasping. Lung-QI being unable to descend is dyspnea due to deficiency. Lung has the functions characterized by purification and descendance. Lung meridian runs downward and is distributed over large intestine. Large intestine meridian, kidney meridian and triple energizer meridian are distributed over lung and lung qi descends to large intestine, kidney and triple energizer along four meridians. Among them kidney is the main role, if kidney fails to promote inspiration it will be wheeze. If lung loses regulation it will cause puffiness, oliguria, yellow urine and cough with Asthma.

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