Uterine vessels, TCM acupuncture system
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Uterine vessels descend diaphragm from heart and associate in the uterine (in the uterus). If uterine vessels superinverse, they will impair descent of heart qi and no menstruation.

Kidney meridian pertains to kidney and ascends diaphragm from kidney and enters into lung then comes out of lung and joins heart. But in original context it pertains to heart and associates in the uterine and disagrees with distribution routes of kidney meridian. The significance is different with that uterine vessels pertain to heart but not kidney. According to distribution of twelve meridians, uterine vessels should pertain to heart meridian which starts from heart and pertains to heart system then descends diaphragm and joins small intestine. Uterine vessels are collaterals that descend diaphragm and join small intestine then are distributed in the uterus or float along this branch and descend diaphragm then are distributed in the uterus. Heart dominates blood circulation and vessels, so if heart qi obstructs, menstruation will not come.

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