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Symptoms of buttocks such as hip pain, hemorrhoidal bleeding, rectocele, etc. respond very well to herbs and acupuncture. Herbal therapy is especially important as part of the treatment of chronic cases. The treatment strategy varies, depending on whether the condition is due to heat or cold, or if there is a deficiency of any vital substances. Herbal remedies in chronic cases of cold and dampness need to nourish the underlying deficiency as well as expel the cold and dampness. The most effective formula is one custom-made for the patient's individual constitution and pattern of disharmony.
  • Abdomen dull pain and bladder stones
  • Abdominal pain and renal colic
  • Albumin deficiency and chronic glomerulonephritis
  • Anal Itching (Pruritus Ani)
  • Back Pain and Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Biliary colic and bladder stones
  • Blood in urine and cystitis
  • Blood in urine and renal colic
  • Burning urination and UTI
  • Carbuncles and edema
  • Cerebral edema and proteinuria
  • Cerebral hemorrhage and proteinuria
  • Cholecystitis and bladder stones
  • Chronic Nephritis and Blood in urine
  • Chronic Nephritis and Bright disease
  • Chronic Nephritis and Edema
  • Chronic Nephritis and High blood pressure
  • Chronic Nephritis and Proteinuria
  • Chronic Nephritis and Renal insufficiency
  • Chronic Pyelonephritis and Backache
  • Chronic Pyelonephritis and Fatigue
  • Chronic Pyelonephritis and Night-time urination
  • Chronic Pyelonephritis and Painful urination
  • Chronic Pyelonephritis and Polyuria
  • Chronic Pyelonephritis and Urgent urination
  • Chronic Renal Insufficiency
  • Chronic Tiredness and Adrenal Fatigue
  • Coma and renal failure
  • Diabetic Coma and Diabetic Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome
  • Diabetic Nephropathy and Anemia
  • Diabetic Nephropathy and Edema
  • Diabetic Nephropathy and Hypertension
  • Diabetic Nephropathy and Loss of appetite
  • Diabetic Nephropathy and Nausea
  • Diabetic Nephropathy and Proteinuria
  • Diabetic Nephropathy and Vomiting
  • Dry Mouth and Diabetic Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Syndrome
  • Dull pain and appendicitis
  • Edema and chronic glomerulonephritis
  • Edema and haematuria
  • Edema and proteinuria
  • Enlarged Prostate and Frequent Urination
  • Fearfulness and Adrenal Fatigue
  • Fever and hydronephrosis
  • Frequent urination and hydronephrosis
  • Frequent urination and UTI
  • Functional incontinence and Urinary Incontinence
  • Gallstone and bladder stones
  • Glycosuria
  • Hematuria and Polycystic Kidney Disease
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