Scattered vessel, TCM acupuncture system
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Scattered vessel diverges from entocnemial kidney meridian which is below knee and scatters at lateral side of tibia with fasciculation. If this vessel contracts disease, it will appear lumbago with pyrexy, excessive heat with yin deficiency, restlessness, and muscle tension on waist, enuresis or uroclepsia when serious. We can use acupuncture treatment on the vessel.

Which meridian does scattered vessel start? According to Wang bing, "scattered vessel is divergent collateral of spleen meridian and ascends scattering then enters into abdomen along thigh". Scattering is that enters into abdomen along thigh large area. This is not in agreement with scattered vessel is at Subdivision of bone and flesh before knee. As for "shaoyin and shaoyang end at Hiatus of sacrum of both sides of illium which is at iliac crest" is also incorrect. Kidney meridian is distributed over medial aspect of abdomen in this area and bladder meridian is distributed over dorsal side of abdomen but no distribution of gallbladder meridian. Gallbladder meridian does not combine with spleen meridian in abdomen and there is no route that ends at waist of spleen meridian. zhang yinyan notes that thoroughfare vessel scatters at chest, so it is called scattered vessel. It is also improper. The original context points out that scattered vessel is at Subdivision of bone and flesh before knee but not scattered in chest. Scattered vessel is not thoroughfare vessel or taiyin meridians. According to the original context, scattered vessel should be collateral that diverges from kidney meridian. Diseases of kidney meridian are lumbago, uroclepsia and frequent micturition when serious.

Conclusion, there are three versions distribution position of scattered vessel. The first is at Diji acupoint which is at medial side of tibia. The second is at Zusanli (ST 36) and Yangling acupoints which are at lateral aspect tibia. The third is at Shanglian and Xialian acupoints. According to the original context "scattered vessel is at Subdivision of bone and flesh before knee and joins lateral side of tibia. "Joining lateral side of tibia" also has the meaning of starting from internal and joining external. So scattered vessel should start kidney meridian which is at medial aspect of tibia and join Zusanli and Shanglian which are at lateral side of tibia.

Bundle vessel is not synonym of scattered vessel but shape of vessel. Bundle means various fasciculation. Scattered vessel diverges from kidney meridian which is at medial side of tibia and scatters at lateral side of tibia with fasciculation, so it is called bundle vessel.

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