Acupuncture Single Points for depression
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Depression is clinically marked by the low spirit, not pertaining to the environment, may extend from depress to grief, even stupor, and some serious case with illusion and hallucination. The anxiety and excitation for certain patients are obviously seen. In TCM, it also refers to hysteria. It should be treated with herbs for regulating Du meridian and adjusting qi activity to restore normal mental activity.

1. Baihui (DU 20)
DU20 is sterilized by 2% idoine and needled horizontally backward to the subgaleal, with twirling-rotating, in moderate stimulation, and retained for 30 min. When the needle is manipulated, the obvious needling sensation is required. Beside, the electrical needle can be added, with mild stimulation of continuous wave with low frequency for 30 min. The therapy is required once every day or every other dav. 10 times make up one course of treatment.

2. Fengfu (DU 16)
Patients should sit in pronation to keep the nuchal muscle relaxed. The point is ordinarily sterilized and slowly inserted to submaxilla 1 cun. It should be given twirling-rotating and lifting-thrusting in small amplitude for 1 min, and then retained for 30 min. One treatment should be given every day or every other day. 10 times make up one course of treatment.


Acupuncture and moxibustion have the fast, non-side effect advantage over others in treating depression. They can obviously improve the condition not only in body but also in spirit, and make up for the deficiency of the medicine.
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