Acupuncture Single Points for schizophrenia
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Schizophrenia is a kind of agnogenie psyehinosis, seen more in young adult, which is characterized by dysfunctions of apperception, thought, affection and behavior and disharmony of mentation, usually without conscious disturbance and mental deficiency. This disease is a category of diseases such as "vesania" in TCM. According to TCM, the disequilibrium of entrails, meridians and yin-yang is due to internal damage by the excessive seven emotions and the abnormal mind is due to the heart confused by stagnation of phlegm, qi, and fire and this may explain the pathogenesis of Demen Prae. Eliminate pathogen by resuscitation and calm mind through regulating qi or purging pathogenic fire to dissipate phlegm.

1. Shuigou (DU 26)
Cover the patient's mouth with a handkerchief before operation in case of bite. With an angle of 45° insert the needle upward toward nasal septum slightly by about 1 cun after the routine point-skin sterilization. Don't lean the needle in case of bleeding. Then manipulate the needle by provocative maneuver moderately or powerfully for 5-8 minutes to calm the patient, and then retain the needle 30-60 minutes. In the period of onset, do it 1-2 times every day. In catabasis, do it once every day or every other day. 30 times make a course of treatment.

2. Fengfu (DU 16)
Make the patient lie prone in upright sitting position with nuchal muscle relaxed. Insert the needle toward mouth or nasal tip slowly by 1 cun, then rotate, lift and insert the needle. Don't make the needle tip upward, in case it insert into foramen magnum to damage bulbus medullae by mistake. Withdraw the needle as soon as possible if the patient spring or get electrified sensation to prevent accident. One treatment should be given every day or every other day, and 10 times make up a course of treatment.

3. Xinshu (BL 15)
Adopt the point-injection therapy with 25-50 mg, insert the needle toward the backbone obliquely by 0.5-0.8 cun and inject aminazine every point 0.5-1 ml. One treatment should be given every day or every other day, and 10 times make up a course of treatment.

Catharsis should be adopt in the initial stage, because the syndrome is sthenia, mild reinforcing-reducing method and invigorating therapy are available in the advanced stage.
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