Acupuncture treatment for infectious polyneuritis
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The acute infectious polyneuritis is also called Guillain Barre's syndrome, which is a syndrome with unclear etiological factors. Major injuries include spinal nerve root, nerve terminal and cerebral nerves. According to TCM, early acute infectious polyneuritis belongs to the category of arthromyodynia and the advanced stage of this illness is a kind of flaccidity. This illness is developed because stagnation of qi and blood due to exposure of the limbs to wind and cold or damp and heat, the long time deficiency of the spleen and the stomach, or dysfunction of the spleen in transformation after tong term illness, which cause malnutrition of the tendons muscles due to insufficiency of qi, or atrophy of the muscles and debility of the limbs. The motivations of this disease include overexertion, wading across water and cold catching. Therapeutic principle is to clear the heat and dry the dampness, promote blood circulation to remove obstruction from the meridian, and coordinate qi and blood, harmony and nourish the liver and kidney.

1. Jiaji Point (EX-B2)
They are extra points on the back, on the both sides of the spinous processes from the first thoracic vertebra to the fifth lumbar vertebra, which is 0.5 cun lateral to the posterior median line. The puncture angle should be 45°, and the in the direction of the spine, the needling sensation is required to radiate to the lumbosacral area and to the chest and hypochondrium areas. In the initial stage of this disease, reducing manipulation can be used with moderate stimulation. During this stage, the needing therapy should be done once or twice every day. In the advanced stage, the even method or invigorating method should be used, once every day, or once the other day. The tapping needing with the cutaneous needle can also be effective. It is applied on Jiaji points from the first to the fifth thoracic vertebra if the illness is on the upper limbs, for the lower limbs, or on the points on from the first lumbar vertebra to the forth sacral vertebra for the lower limbs, with medium or mild stimulation. Do this once every day, and 15 to 20 times are a therapeutic course.

2. Zusanli (ST 36)
The point-injection therapy is used on this point. The injection solution includes CoA, ATP, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Cr, GT and so on, 0.5 to 1 ml for each point. This injection is done once the other day, and ten times are a treatment course. This treatment is mostly used on convalescence stage patients with pricking pain and numbness in their limbs.

This disease onsets suddenly and seriously in its initial stage usually, so the comprehensive methods of both traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine should be adopted, as well as the acupuncture, which should be manipulated gently. In the convalescence stage, the acupuncture is the main therapeutic method. It always has a good therapeutic effect for the recovery of paralyzed limbs.

The main puncture points which selected to treat this disease should locate on the Yangming meridian, which is so called "'treatment for flaccidity aims at Yangming meridian", so that the function of spleen and stomach can be elevated, and the qi and blood circulation can be improved. Jiaji points and some relevant points on the back can also be selected. We can use acupuncture and moxibustion methods alternately or make the matched use. If the functional exercises be strengthened at the same time, or Chinese herbal medicine is taken during the therapeutic process, a better therapeutic effect would be reached.
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