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Illustration of Meridians and Collaterals
  • Subcolateral of gallbladder meridian, TCM acupuncture
  • Yangpu point, TCM acupuncture system
  • Flying yang vessel, TCM acupuncture system
  • Glorious yang vessel, TCM acupuncture system
  • The branches of meridian of Foot TAI YANG spreading into paravertebral muscles
  • Transverse collateral, TCM acupuncture system
  • Perineum vessel, TCM acupuncture system
  • Scattered vessel, TCM acupuncture system
  • Uterine vessels, TCM acupuncture system
  • Uterine collaterals, TCM acupuncture system
  • Eleven collaterals in miscellaneous vessels
  • Block diagram of meridians and collaterals of splenic disorder
  • Main diseases of pneumonopathy based on TCM theory
  • Hyperactive liver qi attacking the stomach
  • Endogenous liver wind, TCM acupuncture system
  • Hyperpyrexia of liver, TCM acupuncture system
  • Deficiency of liver blood, TCM acupuncture system
  • Stagnation of liver qi, TCM acupuncture system
  • Block diagram of meridians and collaterals of liver disease
  • Block diagram of meridians and collaterals of heart disorder
  • Block diagram of evil qi of beginning of disease
  • Block diagram of meridians and collaterals of five sense organs function
  • Block diagram of regulation function of meridians and collaterals to viscera
  • Water metabolism block diagram of coordination of meridians and collaterals
  • Transmutation block diagram of qi and blood of meridians and collaterals
  • Block diagram of spigot control action of root and knot in meridians
  • The third category is circulation of defense qi
  • The second category is circulation of nutrient qi
  • The first category is circulation of viscera and bowels qi
  • Meridians in internal and external relation circulation composed by liver meridian
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